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We provide a variety of statistical services:

Statistical Analysis

We can:

Study Design and Planning

Study design is an essential and much-neglected aspect of research. We can help with:

Teaching and Training

All teaching and training is specifically tailored towards the need of the client. This can can any number of forms:

Statistical Software

We have considerable experience of many statistical software packages, and can help with all of:

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Theresa Webb

I'm really happy to be a part of statamind. There courses are very professional & effective. Pretty good course, a bit of repetition in few modules.

Brooklyn Simmons

I love the way the instructor goes about the course. So easy to follow, even though a little bit challenging as expected. All the same, no regrets so far

Eleanor Pena

language is not good. the way he speaks is like he reading from notes but not explanative. Otherwise, the content is good.

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